Thursday, July 12, 2007


And I was late, didn't get started until 6 o'clock and most folks were on their way back down by then.

Perfect temperature and hardly any wind. I had some kind of bruise or subsurface boil or something in my saddle contact area that was making my ride pretty uncomfortable though. Made me pedal harder to get the wait off the saddle.

Saw JB coming down at the Upper Washout - he said he would have gone back up with me if I had made it to the Ranches before he passed me.

So I got to the Junction and there was nobody there at all. Then some guys came up the south side and I heard them talking about a coyote that chased one of them on a previous ride... never seen a coyote do that.

Descending was even more uncomfortable in the saddle than climbing... wonder what I did to myself?