Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bump di Bump

Great weather this morning. On Wednesday my cleats squeaked a lot so I vowed to lube them with my silicon spray before this morning's ride and I felt really proud of myself for remembering so I grabbed the can and started to squirt when I noticed it didn't smell right.

The good news is, Goof Off apparently is safe for plastic cleats; at least mine haven't melted or anything yet.
JB called to say he'd be late but then I met Peter at the Gate and we rode together. There were a lot of Devil Mountain Double guys still coming down.

It got really windy up above the Bump. There were a lot of people at the Junction too - a bunch of small groups that just all decided to ride today.
Then JB came and we went down to the Tire Poppers and came back up.
Wildlife Encounter: A lizard sunning him/herself on SGR.

No more parking here - they put big rocks in here where there was room for about three cars... they look nicer than a sign.

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Anonymous said...

hey scotty, love the blog, i love blogs from the other side of the world in interesting places. good perspective. anyhoo, looking at a pre-loved 2003 klein Q team compact with ultegra (blade fork, not aero), all original parts. anything i should look out for? nick b