Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gate -Junction - Blackhawk

Valve tore out of my front tube while I was prepping this morning so I had to do a quick change before I left.

Me, Rick, JB, and Peter at the Gate.

Saw Chris Horner guy coming down before we even started - he turned around somewhere and went back up because he passed us on NGR.

Really nice weather, no wind, just a little too cold for shorts but good for knee and arm wamers.

After the Bump, Rick announced he was going to do intervals the rest of the way up. I tried doing intervals based on heart rate instead of time... I'd go hard until my pulse hit 170, then I'd recover until it got to 155... this probably had no actually training benefit but I got it done nine times before the Junction.

Poppies and other wild flowers are all over the Mountain. Creeks are full of water too.

At the Junction JB turned back. Rick and I were doing Blackhawk and Peter wanted to go down to the Kiosk and then back. Chris Horner guy came down from the Summit and went down the South Side while we were waiting.
Then Rick and I practiced our two-man paceline technique and a couple hill sprints on the way back to WC.

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