Saturday, June 06, 2009

Gate - Junction - Summit - Gate

  • Met JB at the Gate and we went. I've had a stiff neck all week (kind of a recurring problem) but felt pretty good this morning.
  • Clouds over the top of the Mountain looked a little like rain.
  • A bunch of old men bike riders at the Junction and I said "it must be old man on the Mountain day" and JB said "Hey, that's not too far from us" and I said "I was including us!" Lots of talk about the threat of closing state parks for budget reasons... we all decided it was BS and we'd ride even if they did close it; can't afford cops to arrest us anyway.
  • JB went home and I went up solo. It got cooler and windier and cloudy but never rained.
Thumbs up!

This reminds me, I have to get to work on my "Babes of Diablo" Vimeo project.

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