Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gate-Junction-Juniper-Gate RAIN !

  • Not really that wet, but before the ride there was some pretty impressive thunder and lightning.

  • Put the winter wheels back on the Belgian Beast

  • Got a few minutes head start on JB and he caught me around Moss Landing.

  • Pass ratio = 1:1

  • Roadkill review: two baby snakes and two tarantulas

  • Tarantula tally: only one that wasn't squished

  • I had tights and a rain jacket on, lots of others had summer kit - quite a few riders despite the weather.

  • Soggy banana FTW!

  • Mostly very light drizzle the whole time except for a few spots where it was moderately heavy. At Juniper we both had had enough.

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Rick said...

I dig the Belgian accent tape!