Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gate Junction Summit Gate

Just a bit chilly this morning; I brought arm warmers. JB called and said he would be late.

Passed-'em:Passed-me ratio = 1:1

This guy was just a LITTLE faster than me.

Last week when I wasn't riding, JB said an old friend showed up and wanted to get back into it. Mark H used to ride with us back in the really early days - he was even with me during the famous "Chainbuster Incident". He moved away and adopted a sedentary lifestyle and now he's back; he said he loved the feeling of his lungs ripping open. It was fun catching up.

Some low fog in the valley made for nice vistas.

Mark has no pretenses about bikie style - motorcycle gloves, basketball shorts, and a beanie.

JB finally rolled in to the Junction and we talked for a little more but he went down SGR, Mark H went back down NGR, and I went up to the Summit.

Wildlife Encounter: A coyote in the tall grasses between the Ranches.

Roadkill Observations: two squirrels, two tarantulas, baby snake, and a mouse... it was real carnage today.

A little bit cooler up high. Lots of riders too.


Rick said...

I missed a beautiful day on the Mountain! Drew had a soccer game at 8:30 this morning.

Diablo Scott said...

Yeah, well at least he won!

Maybe next week we'll have snow up there.