Saturday, October 31, 2009

Las Trampas

JB called to say not to wait, so I decided to do the Club Sport ride this morning. I had to hammer down to Walnut Creek to intercept them.

Nice riding - a little cool warm for October.

Roadkill Encounter: a pumpkin.

We did a little time trial on the final stretch to Las Trampas, so I really got my heart rate up in there.

Fun riding with these guys - not as much of a workout as Diablo but more mileage than I usually do.

This one's from last night.

From Bollinger Canyon Road this morning.

The Iron Horse Trail bridge over Treat Blvd has been under construction for about a month. I'd guess it'll open in February or so.

After the ride I found that I had trapped an opossum in my squirrel trap in the vegetable garden. He was probably fearing the worst but I turned him loose at Lime Ridge.

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!

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