Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gate - Junction - Hole

Nice weather today, but the road was still pretty sloppy from two weeks of rain, including a pretty good system last night.

I started up a minute early and JB caught me in the first mile.

It was the kind of day where you take off your gloves about half way up.

Most of you who probably have ridden Green Valley Road which is on the way to Walnut Creek from the South Side, and are familiar with the weird little section where a bike path is separated from the roadway by a curb; it's always been a hazard but after a while you got used to it. But they've recently repaved this road and they made the bike lane even narrower so now you can't ride in it at all. It's really a strange little section and doesn't serve any observable purpose but now it's even more dangerous... so be careful there and plan on riding in the road instead of on the other side of the curb.

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Anonymous said...


I rode Green Valley today (2/17/2010) around lunchtime and the city was using a front end loader to rip up the white curb. One of the flagmen told me that they were redoing the entire section because the bike lane (to the right of the curb) was too narrow.

BTW, the curb is there to protect the kiddies using the crosswalk so they can get off Green Valley and onto the side street(s).

It will be interesting to see what the final arrangment looks like (i.e., will they narrow the "bike lane" on the west side of the road so they can make the east side wider).