Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today's forecast was for rain but not until early evening. This morning though the fog was really thick.

Chris Horner Guy dusted us early on like a couple of tourists. Good thing we saw him coming and moved over... he likes to shout at people who get in his way. There are things some riders do that aren't the smartest, like stopping after blind corners, not holding a good line, etc... but Chris Horner Guy has a very low theshold for obstruction. Intense rider, great climber; bit of a hot head.... very unlike the real Chris Horner who is by all accounts a friendly guy.

Fog broke above the Ranches and it was suddenly sunny, warm, and clear.

We continued on up to Juniper. Saw Chris Horner Guy coming down, then he turned around and came back up... must be some kind of interval program.

On the descent I stopped to take this photo - pulled over to within inches of the pavement edge in good view of anyone who might be coming down. But Chris Horner Guy came past again - yelling "DUDE! UNBELIEVABLE!" I just had to shake my head... his pass couldn't have possibly been any easier. He always has ear buds in so it probably affects his reaction more than he thinks.

So I'm now starting a club for people who have been yelled at by Chris Horner Guy. Send me your name and a short description of the offending event and YOU'RE IN. I've seen him yell at cars too - but they pretty much all deserved it.

Abbey decided it was a good day for snoozing.


Pommi said...

After seeing these pictures, and looking outside the window right now, I even regret more that I didn't ride yesterday :-D

Unknown said...

Hi Scott,
What time does this guy usually head up the Northside?

Great pictures as always.


Diablo Scott said...

Last week he passed me at the Church about 7:50 and this week he passed us about a mile beyond the Gate at 8:15.

I frequently see him multiple times on NGR, SGR, or Summit Road though - literally riding circles around me... he really is an animal; I have no evidence that he's on roids though ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great-another stupidass riding with earbuds--guess they got to do something when they stop text messaging in their SUV-Pumpkincycle

Unknown said...

I'm never up N. Gate early enough to see you guys, but why is the guy called Chris Horner guy again?

Diablo Scott said...

He just looks a little like Chris Horner - including the shaved head (or pretty close to it).

Curtis Corlew said...

Maybe "DUDE! UNBELIEVABLE!" means the scene you were photographing. That's what it would mean if I had yelled it.

kid kulaki! said...

i saw this guy coming down before the junction and i was going-up, he circled around me and trying to drop me, i kept my rythm going and dropped him and never seen him again.. i will see him again for sure and he will get what his looking for.. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

"Dude! Unbelievable!" would be a pretty cool t-shirt I think.