Saturday, April 03, 2010

Gate - Junction - Juniper - Hole

There was a rock on the post but I think it was from last week. Waited around for JB but he didn't come.

Mark H called and said he'd be coming with Rhys and Derrick though so I told him to call me when they got to Junction and I'd come down to meet them.

Near Moss Landing they painted over the double yellow don't pass lines... can't imagine what prompted this.

Made it to Juniper before Mark called. Summit Road was really cold.

Found a Pearl Izumi beanie someone lost... needs a washing but will be nice in cold weather. I'll be happy to return it if someone knows who dropped it.

Derrick is Rhys's son, senior in HS. They said he dusted them before the Junction but he has no endurance so they wanted to teach him a lesson and we went down to Danville.

They were right - Derrick was dragging and whining by the time we got to Walnut Creek.

Here's a shot I took of my commute bike rack at work - One U-lock with a combo, one U-lock with a flat key, and a 9/16" cable closed by a mini U-lock with a cylinder key. I leave the locks in the garage since I do this almost every day.

And tomorrow is THE TOUR OF FLANDERS and merits a very special brew for viewing enjoyment (delayed TV coverage in the afternoon, not the 5am live internet version.)

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