Saturday, April 24, 2010


JB's been sick and told me yesterday he wouldnt' be coming, so I got a real early start to see more of the Devil Mountain Double riders.

These route arrows are for the Diablo Century tomorrow... only the second year for that one, hope they get a good turnout.

By 7:30, the best riders were long gone, but anybody who can do this ride is absolutely awesome. Two hundred of the hardest miles in NorCal... some won't finish until 11pm. They had good weather today though.

Wildlife Encounter: big group of turkeys... must be rutting season because these guys were strutting around and posing for the females. Not too bright doing it in the road though.

So all that DMD awesomeness rubbed off a little bit and I went on to the Summit... I wouldn't have made the first time cut though if I were on the real ride.


Rick and I have decided to watch the Tour of California come over Bonny Doon this year. Should be lots of TV cameras in there; it's the fourth KoM of the stage, and only about 20 miles from the finish so we're hoping for some good aggressive riding. We're going up from the back side though... pretty steep.


Keith said...

Rode the Diablo Century yesterday, nice people, nice ride. Route markings got a little sketchy though. Word is that they ran out of markers, and were cutting them up to mark the last part of the route. Lots of people went temporarily off route, and a bunch of us missed a crucial turn in Livermore... added about 6 miles to the ride!

Also a rider died riding on Saturday - one report says he was riding the Mt. Hamilton Challenge, and the other says the DMD. Either way, a cautionary tale for us 50+ riders.

Diablo Scott said...

Yes, Tom Milton - by all accounts an incredible endurance athlete at any age. A first hand, and rather disturbing account by another DMD participant here: