Wednesday, September 01, 2010

2010 WNR 15


I hate when "spare the air" days are on Wednesday because that's usually the only day I drive to work.

Waiting at the red light.

Tarantulas are out, haven't seen one yet.
It wasn't the kind of killer heat that makes you not want to ride at all, it was the kind of heat that sucks out your energy and makes you kill yourself. I was really wiped when I got to the Junction.

Bagpipers probably have a hard time finding a place to practice their art... The Mountain provides.

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Anonymous said...

As I went by the bagpiper, I said "play something inspirational!" He gave me a rendition of the Irish Spring soap song (don't know real name). It didn't make it any cooler.
Dr. Dave (Pumpkincyclist's friend with the tarantula)