Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2010 WNR 16

Only a few more Wednesday night rides left this year.

Coming down there were several places where you're looking right into the sun and have to remember what the road does until you can see again.

Wildlife Encounter: TWO tarantulas.


Rick said...

I was up too on Wednesday night and experienced the same problem with the low sun/ light in the eyes. It was so hard to see and I took my sunglasses off to try and help my eyes to adjust faster to the changing light conditions. I came around a turn between Juniper and the Junction and ran over a rock with my front wheel. It acted like a marble and almost sent me sliding! I decided that WAS my last Wednesday night of 2010!

pumpkincycle said...

Good time of year to put on a cap under helmet on the way down (or take a mountain bike helmet) with a brim