Wednesday, October 06, 2010

2010 WNR 18

I was pretty sure this would be my last 2010 WNR.

Parked on Doncaster and both tires were flat!

Pumped up the rear and it seemed to hold, but the front had an audible leak from the valve area so I replaced the tube and got a late start.

On the way up I got passed by no one… seems not to be related to my actual speed though since most everybody on the Mountain was on their way back down already.

Tarantula Tally: three

Roadkill Report: snake

And so the sun has set on another season of Wednesday Night Rides – about 6:30 but it was pretty dark by the time I got back to my truck.

The Tour of California just announced the Stage Cities for 2011, and Santa Rosa has been SNUBBED!

There will be a mountain top finish (yay!), but not Diablo (boo!). I am not familiar with Mount Baldy northeast of Los Angeles so I prepared this chart:

That is a climb worth an HC rating!


GMR said...

Tough Ascent has an article for you on Baldy.

Diablo Scott said...

Thanks. Nice report there.