Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Volunteering at the Diablo Challenge 2010

My fourth year as a mule. Got to the Athenian at 6am and helped direct the volunteers, showed them where to park or where to go. Helped another guy who was coordinating the trainer drop off.

Rick's had a breakout year and was expecting a PB so I packed a "post PB recovery snack" for him (banana muffin and chocolate milk).

At about 8am I started loading backpacks into my truck. There were 4 drivers this year so that was plenty, but two of them didn't really know what to do and I think they went to the Upper Parking Lot instead of the Lower. Some folks had to wait a while to get their stuff.

At 8:20 my truck was full and I headed for the Summit. Parked and watched the first 80 or so riders come by. Rick was about 60th at 56m00s so that's a fine end to an awesome season for him.

The SMD folks finally listened to me about the course distance and they reported 11.2 miles in all their information instead of the 10.8 that's been in there for years - but they didn't change the distance for the average speed calculation on the results so I'll try again next year!

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