Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rain Cape

Second ride of the season requiring my full jacket, first ride with my winter gloves and rain jacket.

Some blue sky mixed in with black rain clouds... I knew I was going to get wet at some point.

Met Peter and JB at the Gate. After the Bump I quit watching my watch and just plugged along. Always nice to see other riders unafraid of a little precip.

Put the rain jacket on near the Upper Washout, pretty solid drizzle the rest of the way to Junction.

Didn't get too cold, managed to stay reasonably comfortable the whole ride. Wish I'd brought glove liners for the way down though.


curtis said...

Wow. I commute in the rain, just because that's how I get to work. But riding in the rain for fun just isn't much fun. I've done it, but I still haven't figured out how to keep my hands and feet warm. You da man.

Diablo Scott said...

Yeah thanks... but I think Triple Crown Gold Jersey trumps "Junction in the Drizzle" in the Man Book.

Rick said...

Eddy is looking sweet sprinkled with raindrops!