Sunday, December 12, 2010

Foggy Mountain

Hit "snooze" a few too many times this morning. Was late to the Gate and the rock was on the post.

Stopped to watch a hawk (?) eat a rat (?) on the power lines near the Loading Dock, but he (?) wouldn't let me get close enough for a good photo.

North Gate pavement is getting pretty bad... some combination of age, construction, and weather I guess.

Up past Chainbuster the fog started to clear a little and I was treated to a show by "That Guy".

Still don't have the photo blog thing figured out. The issue is trying to manage the photos in my blog through the Picasa web album where the photos actually get stored. If I upload the photos from the blogging software they all go to the same folder which now has like 700 photos in there making it hard to find what I'm looking for. When I save them in easily managed folders within the Picasa web album they import funny into my blog and you readers don't see the whole image unless you click on it. So if you see a big photo (pavement, Guy) you should click on it to see the whole thing, and if you see a small photo (hawk) clicking on it won't make it any bigger. You can always go to my Picasa site to see all my photos, see the link in the sidebar. And if any other blogspot users want to tell me how to handle this better I'd really appreciate it.

Adventures in crank replacement:

Crank breaks. Went to Encina; they don’t have an Italian BB and can’t help, suggest I order a new crank and BB on line and then have them install it. Here are some close ups of the break:

Sunday: Found a good deal on a Shimano 105 compact crank from so I order it along with AN ITALIAN BOTTOM BRACKET and the special wrench. Paid extra for 2-day FedEx so I’d get it and have time to install it before next Saturday.

Monday: Tried to remove my old busted crankarm, but it’s a self-extracting style and the self-extracting doodad is missing so I take it to Sports Basement and ask them to remove the old BB and chase the treads and face the shell to get it ready for my new BB.

Tuesday: Sports Basement calls and says they got the old BB out but they don’t have AN ITALIAN BOTTOM BRACKET thread chaser/facer tool. I brought the bike home and cleaned him up and it looks like the threads are pretty good anyway so I decide not to have it done.

Wednesday: Performance package comes and I unpack it. I admire the beauty of the crank, solid feeling of the wrench, and simplicity of the BB outboard bearings. Hey, there are little arrows on there telling which way to tighten in case some newb doesn’t know that ITALIAN BOTTOM BRACKETS are righty-tighty on both sides. Hey wait a minute, the arrow on this one is pointing the wrong way, which can only mean one thing… this is not AN ITALIAN BOTTOM BRACKET. Bastards at Performance sent me an English BB. I inspect the box and see that the place to indicate English or Italian threads has no indication. I check the website see that Performance has taken down the option to order a 105 ITALIAN BOTTOM BRACKET; some guy knew he was sending me the wrong piece and to cover up his mistake he eliminated the choice.

Thursday: I call the Performance store in Walnut Creek hoping they have AN ITALIAN BOTTOM BRACKET that I can trade for my English version and they have none. Jeez these things are not obsolete, the industry has standardized on English but there are still a lot of bikes around with ITALIAN BOTTOM BRACKETS. So I called Performance customer service and the nice lady says she’ll refund my extra postage for two-day FedEx, refund the English BB including return shipping, and offer free shipping on a replacement - and by the way Ultegra bottom brackets are now on sale for cheaper than 105 bottom brackets (huh?). She checked with tech support who apparently told her that 105 bottom brackets aren’t offered with Italian threads. I was pretty sure this was bullshit (and have since verified) but no sense arguing with a customer support person about that. Besides, weather for Saturday looks good and I’ll be happy riding my Klein. My new Ultegra ITALIAN BOTTOM BRACKET should arrive on Tuesday.

So Eddy still is sans cranque. I considered giving him a real good cleaning since there are so many otherwise inaccessible areas that were now exposed … but he’s my foul weather bike and he’s going to get all sloppy on his next ride… I decided on just a quick wipedown.


Curtis Corlew said...

To size your larger photos: After you drop them into Blogger look at them in the "Compose" tab and drag the corner so they are 400 pixels wide(it will read out right there to tell you.)Then they will display smaller, but should be clickable to display large.

Diablo Scott said...

Oh weird - I did that and now all my text is tiny!

What browser are you using?
Also, do you always use Flickr or do you sometimes accept the Blogger Picasa album for uploads?