Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Crank in Slop

Surprised this morning that it wasn't raining harder... forecast was for heavy precip. I was prepared to cancel when I woke up but when I looked outside I decided to go for it. Got my new crank on earlier this week but I needed to put on the chain and pedals before the ride.

New and clean... that won't last long.

No one at the Gate, I put up the rock. Nice to hear the creeks burbling.

One nice thing about riding alone... you can stop whenever you want for a photo.

Wildlife Encounter: pair of coyotes at Burma Road... ran off before I could get my camera out.

Hardly anyone on the Mountain. Saw two riders coming down, and a ranger sweeping rocks off the road.

Oh oh... what's this???

Dayum.... they just repaired this section.

Hope they got a warranty.

Pavement hasn't broken off yet, but it's undercut bad and deep.

Saw a couple more cyclists at Junction.

Not really very cold today, just wet and a little windy... probably about 1.5 Belgian Hardman® Points.

Funky fungus at Big Shady Oak

Le Befoure Chotte

Le Afteur Chotte

I may have found a work-around on the photo blogging thing... crop all my photos to be tall and skinny... like 9w and 12h... that seems reasonable.


Rick said...

Like you I hadn't planned on being able to ride on Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised when I woke to see the wet stuff was not falling from the sky! Quickly I dressed and went out for 50mi out and back on Calaveras Rd. I got rained on comming back but it wasn't cold and rather pleasant being the only one out there ;)

Pente said...

Looks like fun, you should try Crater Lake in Oregon some summer. Great exercise and beautiful scenery.