Saturday, January 08, 2011

Classic January Morning Ride

JB and I were both about 10 minutes late so that worked out great.

Fog was thick and got thicker as we got higher. I wasn't sure we'd ever climb out of it.

Just about Chainbuster though was the ceiling, just as JB had predicted, and it was glorious. Sunny and blue skies, dry and (sorta) warm.

Re-washout is getting worse. I suspect contractor malfeasance.

After a short break at Junction we went on up to Juniper. Got warm enough to take off gloves and JB even took off his jacket.

Coming back down was pretty miserable though... I double gloved it and still my fingers had that lovely frozen numbness, plus visibility was close to zero so it wasn't that much fun either.

A quintessential January morning on The Mountain. Can't wait to do it again.


ben said...

Good to see you are still at it in the new year. It's been downright cold out there!

Rick said...

I would have joined you, but I was performing my first "fit test" of 2011! The fog was miserable and must have been torture decending...