Saturday, January 22, 2011

Windiest Day of the Year

Much less foggy though.

Met Rick and JB at the Church and visibility was pretty good. By the time we got to the Dumpster Gate it was clear and almost warm. Then the wind picked up and it was kind of a warm wind that made me want to take off my jacket. When we got past the Bump, the wind was so strong it made riding close together pretty tricky... three to a lane was just making me a little nervous, so we spread out a little.

At the Junction, other riders arrived with similar experiences. I didn't park my bike because the wind would have blown it out of the rack. Then Mark, one of Rick's team mates, came up from the South and we decided to go up some more. Mark had a female companion (in white on the bench) was a good rider but didn't talk much. Rick and I stopped at Juniper but they kept going.

Coming back down was challenging too - I almost had to pedal down the Bump the wind was so stiff.

NOTE: Starbucks at the Encina Safeway still has peppermint lattes!

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