Saturday, December 10, 2011

2011 SMR 36

Dressed warm this morning!  Didn't give a thought to booties though... should have.

The Walnut Creek half marathon was this morning too - went right up Ygnacio.  The traffic police were not quite sure the best way to accomplish their objectives... the runners were spaced out and the cars were jammed together.

Total lunar eclipse this morning... wasn't that impressive; clouds and low on horizon.

A man who has three thermometers is never quite sure what the temperature is... but about 54°F at Junction.

Up to Juniper for some not really spectacular views of air that needed sparing.

Wildlife Encounters:  Coyote on Summit Road, Deer below Chainbuster, and a whole mess of turkeys at the Lower Ranch.  All on the way down so didn't digitize any of them.

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John White said...

Hey Diablo Scott,

I'm a Bay Area rider and it's great to read your blog + see the pictures of your regular Diablo climbs. (I have to admit I look at all the roadkill I see, too.) I only see the mountain in the distance unless I make the trip out. I hear ya on the air quality, it's been pretty hazy. Anyway, keep it up!