Saturday, July 08, 2017

2017 SMR 20

Tour de France is ON.  First tough mountain stage today.  Lots of folks dusting off their bikes for a Diablo ride.

One of them wasn't JB.  Just me today, but I had 65 Strava Flybys.  Most of them named their rides something about HOT.

32°C at Junction at 9am... one day I'll applaud myself for doing the sensible thing and skipping the Summit.  But today it felt like I was wimping out.

Got bit by a giant horsefly at Junction, but I slapped the bastard in the act.  I enjoyed seeing my blood ooze out of his mouth as his he writhed in agony on the hot pavement.  Sorry, no photo.

Lots of new pavement patches on the road.
I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember any crack in this section.

This rider had her saddle a little too high,
but she passed me too fast to benefit from my fitment advice.

I checked my recent results.
I should probably rename the "4-minute sign" to the "5 minute sign".

Wildlife Encounter:  a coyote pup near the ZigZag.
I tried to make friends with him, he did not reciprocate my offer.

C'mere little fella... I won't hurt you.

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