Sunday, July 23, 2017

2017 SMR 22

Water bottles frozen to absolute perfection, our intrepid hero-blogger embarks on another Saturday Morning Ride.

This new pavement on Walnut Ave is pretty sweet.
Not sure what the striping means - cars can't cross a double white 

but OK to turn across solid-dash?

Faithful sidekick awaits.

This guy was definitely channeling Rigoberto Uran in the Pyrenees...
but he flatted at the Ranger House.

Kind of a shame when you have a bike pullout but no cars wanting to pass.

JB talked about turning around at Livermore Overlook and we went down SGR.
Been a long time since I rode any flat miles, so I reluctantly agreed.

After the Hole in the Wall, it was just a suburban stroll back home.

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