Saturday, December 09, 2017

2017 SMR 41

See-your-breath cold at 7:30 as I rolled out the door.

There was a footrace going on that had parts of Bancroft and Ygnacio closed off... made me 2 minutes Late at the Gate.

Another day of arm-warmers and knee-warmers and my wind-breaker.  I noted that arm warmers provide a really long surface for wiping your nose, but they also show dried-up snot from the previous week's ride.  So my new technique is to rotate the arm warmers about a quarter turn on each new ride to provide a clean surface - then when you've got 360° dried snot, you know it's time to wash them.

Last week I told myself to remember to quirt some lube on my cleats - I remembered and it worked.
I also remembered to spread some chamois cream in the relevant areas... and enjoyed that smooth slick feeling all morning.

This conscientious cyclist is warning the moron trying to pass her around a blind corner that I was coming down... might've been a close call.  Thanks.

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