Saturday, August 04, 2018

2018 SMR 29

Air quality wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good.  The smoke from the fires up north have finally reached the Diablo Valley.  A little coughing, a little throat irritation, and an unusual taste on my teeth.  We turned around at Junction.

Wildlife Encounter:  not a freaking thing... although we smelled some skunk.  And I saw some turkeys in my neighborhood this morning.

There was a big group of folks at Junction that were all together - some kind of work group friends.  I envied their friendly work camaraderie since I just quit my job!

Kiosk ranger had a Pinarello.

MDIA had a sales tent set up at Junction.  Ths XS and XL jerseys were cheap, the normal sizes were normal priced.  Books and maps also for sale - cash only.

I told Justin he should use this for his LinkedIn Profile pic... agreed?

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Rick Lawton said...

Quit or retired?! Are you working a new job or not working?