Saturday, August 18, 2018

2018 SMR 31

Wow, it was actually cold this morning.  I started to plan my schedule for getting winterized.  But it warmed up very quickly, and in fact got uncomfortably hot.

Roadkill Report:  baby deer on The Approach.  Sadder than most of my reports

The wildfire smoke has been bad - visibility, smell, and health effects were all obvious... I know it's nothing like other counties are experiencing, but I'm not used to this.  JB and I decided to call it quits at Junction.

On the descent, a bug flew into my open mouth, and I spit him out right away, but then I started to realize it was a bee, and I had gotten a little venum on the inside of my lip.  So at 40mph I'm concentrating on my lip sting and wondering how bad it was going to get.  The venom-sting pain evolved up to a point, and then mostly faded away.. whew.

Finally, at the Mormon church, I saw a single female turkey, with NINE little babies wandering around on the grass... it was a nice ending to a ride that started with a dead baby deer.

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