Saturday, October 20, 2018

2018 SMR 40

Cold this morning - first day of the season in tights and I was glad I had them on.

Wildlife Encounter - a solo deer past The Bump.

I probably write this every year about this time, but there are some places on the way up where the sun is right in your eyes and it's really hard to see the road or any oncoming traffic; Thank you, axial tilt.

I noticed this thing at Junction that looked like a bamboo wind chime or something.  JB said it was a moisture detector and he's seen the rangers take it in the shack and weigh it.  He said it was made of a special wood that absorbs moisture and indicates how much the trees are at risk for catching on fire.  Interesting, and I was surprised I'd never noticed it before.

Jackets came off at The Junction though.

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