Saturday, November 30, 2019

2019 SMR 39

Closed at Juniper for ice on the road.  Well OK - I'm all for traffic safety.  And it WAS cold.
It wasn't supposed to start raining until after 11am though, and that's usually the time I get home after a Saturday Morning Summit... but it started raining about 9:30.  JB turned around at Junction and I was good and wet by Juniper.  I'm re-thinking my Amazon Wish List to include some better wet-weather cycling gear.

Using the Fahrenheit version in the Holiday Spirit. 

Cal House Flag Autoblog

Only the toughest of the tough were on The Mountain today.

Hey look - SNOW!

Why YES, this DOES mean you.

Wildlife Enounter:  Coyote at Coyote Flats.

Happy December my Diablo colleagues.

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