Saturday, January 18, 2020

2020 SMR 03

MDSP put out the word yesterday that Summit Road was closed at Juniper for ICE; and they expected the same for Saturday. And they posted some nice snow photos of the Summit.  Of course nothing brings out the Park visitors like snow, so there were tons of folks up there on bikes and in cars.

JB and I talked about ice skating in Iowa.  Neither one of us really enjoyed it but there was nothing else to do most of the winter, and that's where your friends would be too.

Sure enough, the Juniper barriers were down, pylons on the road, and A-frame DO NOT ENTER signs.  A few riders went up anyway, risking tsk-tsking.  I talked to one guy who was coming down and he said a Ranger told him to go ahead but be careful.  That was surprising.  I've seen this same scenario where the Rangers barked at us not to even think about jumping the barriers, and they watched us like we were terrorists or something. There wasn't any ice up there until almost Summit, but there's hardly any places for cars to park or turn around between Juniper and Summit, and no other place to close the road, so Juniper it is.

Anyway, JB was bonking and I didn't object to calling it a day at Juniper.

Threw my chain coming down though and wrapped it around my crank and had to stop to untangle things.

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