Saturday, June 20, 2020

2020 SMR 18

Four weeks and two days since my seizure and vertebrae fracture.  On Wednesday I did a trial ride to make sure I could handle the Klein and the cleated shoes - rode up to the Dumpster Gate at the end of Segment 1.  It went fine so I was looking forward to a Saturday Morning Ride.  I texted JB so he would know and maybe take it easy on me.  I figured I could do Junction and I wouldn't attempt any higher than that; even though I feel pretty good on the bike, I've been a little more sore than I expected afterwards.

OK, here's a good story - we've had a few run-ins with the Ranger at The Gate... he tells us not to stop at the place where we always stop and he seems to be overly dictatorial about his rules that don't really have any meaning.  JB calls him the "Gate Nazi" but he's really more like a Hall Monitor.  So today JB was stopped at an approved stopping place where he took off his jacket before the ride, and he was kind of obscured by this tree in the photo.  Well the Hall Monitor came out of his shack shouting (at me) "Tell me he is NOT going to the bathroom behind that tree!!!"  I assured him he was not and Hall Monitor returned to his sentry box in anticipation of finding an actual rule breaker to yell at.

Although I was ultra careful riding my first Diablo since the injury, I felt pretty good and was doing an OK pace... didn't feel like I was slowing JB down too much. Started off kind of cool and I was in a long sleeve jersey but I was a little too warm by Junction... no biggie, it's almost July after all.

Wildlife Encounter:  turkeys

This Park visitor was asking me about the best picnic areas.

JB continued on to Summit and I made sure he wouldn't worry about me going down alone.  It was a nice descent and I took it easy because my back was getting a little stiff.

Then on Walnut Avenue, near the fire station I picked up a drywall screw and ruined my rear tire.  I managed to patch it well enough that I didn't have to walk home.  #TheLastFlatIGot

Checking through my supplies in the garage, I found a whole bunch of new and used tires that I had stashed away for just such an occasion so I was able to do a more permanent repair and re-stock my saddle pack without a trip to the bike store.


Mike said...

Good to see you healing and back to riding!

Curtis Corlew said...

YEA! Back on your mountain!