Saturday, June 27, 2020

2020 SMR 19

My broken back pain is getting better about as quickly as I could expect; but I promised myself I wouldn't bite off too much too soon so I pre-self-limited to a Juniper today no matter how good I might feel.

This morning started off pretty cool, but I knew it wouldn't last, so I went with arm warmers that I could roll down as needed.

At Junction a guy was coming down from Summit and he blew a tire right at the intersection; it was loud and obvious.  I said that was a good place for such a thing to happen and he said yeah, because it was a borrowed bike and he didn't have a pump but there was one at the boy scout bike box.

Charlie has been experimenting with ways to get in a few more miles to his weekly routine, and Wednesday he did "Junction plus 10 minutes".  I thought that was a neat challenge - see how far you can go up Summit Road in 10 minutes, and then do better next week; so it's a distance challenge instead of a time challenge.  I call it "Ten Minutes of Summit Road".  I told JB I might go for it if I felt good, but then I thought it would be a good idea to get a baseline value and just rode my normal Summit pace; I tried to do a lap counter thing on my Garmin but it didn't work so I checked Strava when I got home and my result was about 0.95 miles - about at the Toyon/Round Top driveway.  I should be able to get 1.7 miles or so if I push it and I'm in good condition... that'd put me about at the equipment storage area where that tight turn is (Slow Down Rick!)

A little farther up, a rider passed us that looked like she was doing a pace I could match so I rode behind her up to Juniper - that was a nice effort to end the climbing and not over-do it.

This guy said in passing "Wow, sweet KLEIN!  They don't make 'em like that anymore."  That's a good thing to say if your objective is the eternal fame of having your photo in MY BLOG!

This guy was SMOOTH.

Oddball Sighting: this guy was testing the limits of how high bars can go.  

Oh sweet MOOTS!  I like bikes that are subdued so that only cognoscenti like me know how cool they are.

Toyon and Round Top picnic areas use the same driveway.

Hey look - it's high-rise handlebar guy still pounding away on Summit Road... hazzah!

Camo Shorts... don't see many of those.

Always a friendly wave from Nancy.

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