Wednesday, May 11, 2022

2022 Diablo Day 29 - Wednesday Junction

Charlie and me today. We talked about allergies and chain lube.

Wildlife Encounter: turkeys on The Approach

I got to The Gate a little early and did some stretching. We started at 1PM so it was a little warmer and a lot less crowded. I can't wait for the day when it's so hot that I wish it were this cool again.

Roadkill Report: squirrel - belly up. Surprised the vultures hadn't found him yet.

I put my camera on rear view mode hoping to get some good photos of people passing me - but nobody DID.

I gave my knee a little extra prep before starting today - Voltaren, Icy Hot, and ibuprofen - the trifecta of broken knee treatments... plus my tight sleeve to keep things in proper alignment. It didn't hurt too much but the instability thing begins to show itself when I'm doing those out of saddle hill honks.

I did one of those honking sessions up The Bump and put some good distance between me and Charlie - he knows I can't sustain those efforts though so he didn't change his pace and caught up to me shortly anyway.

Coming up to Junction I saw that I could do a post-knee PB so I gave it my all. Then BlogReader Punkin Jay rolled up hoping to see me hurl - but I resisted, and just posed for his camera.

Photo Credit Punkin Jay

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