Wednesday, August 03, 2022

2022 Diablo Day 52 - Wednesday Junction

Rats... I didn't return the SD card to the DiabloScott Bike Cam after my last download... so today's photos are courtesy of Punkin Jay.

Charlie and I got a relatively early start because HOT. I did an OK ride, but Charlie was faster. We talked about skin cancer and bicycle pedals. His new pedals were special for knock-kneed tall guys who need extra ankle clearance - they came with longer spindles... never heard of that before, but I'm glad somebody makes them.

This was my last ride before cataract surgery on Friday - didn't do any commemorative anything, but I was thinking about that fact.

Punkin Jay was coming down when he saw me, U-turned, and took some photos from my good side. We talked about buying houses and sleezy contractors. He rode with me to Junction and then we BS'ed with lots of people there. 

Summit Road is closed for the bicycle pull-out construction - they parked a guard there to make sure nobody ignored the signs. Charlie went down SGR to check out the work.

This means YOU.

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