Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2009 WNR 14

Forgot my camera tonight, so you get a recycled video from last February.

I thought I'd lost this but I found it in a recovered folder.

Diablo Snow February 2009 from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

Anyway, warm and breezy tonight. Nobody else came from work.

Ranger Carl confirmed that the Lookout Point picnic area was where the bodies were found Friday night and that it was a ranger who discovered them - not a park visitor. Channel 11 news had their van at the Gate when I came through and the camera was on the ground like they wanted some video of bikes riding by so I was happy to put on a little show but they didn't use it.

Had a puncture on the way down at the Upper Ranch. Really odd because it sounded like a rapid leak (pssst psst pssst pssst... you know the sound) but it got about half flat and then stopped and I couldn't find anything in the tire so I was worried I missed something but after I got it replaced I found a small rip near the valve of the old tube. Front tire and I'm kind of glad because I'd mounted the label on the wrong side a few months ago and it was bugging me but I needed a better excuse to flip it.

Passed 'em - Passed me ratio = 1:0

Wildlife Encounter: black eared jack rabbit on the descent near the dips... bolted across the road in front of me at 40mph (my speed not his).

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