Saturday, July 04, 2009

July 4th Freedom Ride

Cool and windy this morning. Met Peter and JB at the Gate.

  • I put in an effort after the dips but Peter caught up to me and took the lead... I held him to within 100m or so until Chainbuster and then he finished about two minutes ahead of me.

  • Passed 'em-passed-me ratio = 5:0 woot!

  • At the Junction JB and I decided to do Blackhawk.

  • Saw an ambulance and fire truck coming up SGR with their lights on but not their sirens... it looked like they were in a hurry but not like an emergency.

  • For some reason JB wanted to do Crow Canyon to the trail rather than our usual route up Camino Tassajara which was fine with me. Until we got to Danville and there was a parade going on and the streets were closed and packed with people... we had to snake our way through the crowd for almost a mile before we got past it.

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