Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gate - Blackhawk

I thought I saw a Devil Mountain Double sign at the Church but I'm pretty sure that's next week.

One week post blood donation (double reds) and I felt fine on the way out but when I got to the Bump I went totally anaerobic and it took me a long time to recover. It was humbling to be panting like a dog as everybody and their grandpa passed me. Two weeks until Wine Country Century... I hope I'm recovered by then.

Great weather, first ride of the year without a jacket - base layer, jersey and arm warmers up top, tights on the bottom.

Some kind of pink walkathon in Walnut Creek so we took a different ride home.

Wednesday Night Rides should start this week!


Scott S said...

Which route are you riding at the Wine Country Century?

I'll be there - riding the double metric. That's the plan anyway.

Diablo Scott said...

100 mile option for me.
Good legs and fair winds to you.