Monday, January 01, 2018

2018 New Year's Summit

Best New Year's Day weather in memory!

You should just play this video on endless loop... I bought the rights to the soundtrack music so help me get my money's worth.

2018 New Year's Day Summit from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

At the Summit there was a safety faire - the guys from Sports Basement had a look at Eddy Merckx and said "it's time for new wheels".  I thought maybe I had another season in the old GL330s... but he said "rims are shot, hubs are shot, skewers are shot.  I had already ordered some new rims (great deal!) and I was happy to order some new hubs and and spokes when I got home and will be building up a new set in the next couple weeks... watch for updates... same Diablo Channel.


Mike said...

Way too many cars (and bikes) but for the first time in years, I joined the masses too!
Later start (group ride from Frame Up Bikes) but I saw and yelled "Hi!" as you were coming down. I made the video too! That's me in orange at 8:50

Happy New Year!

Diablo Scott said...

All right MIKE!

Yeah, one of the nice things about going early is less traffic.

Sheri Kueh said...

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Diablo Scott said...

Chantal st claire smells like possum puke. Gets a negative 11 on the Diabloscott scale of whatever it is.