Saturday, January 20, 2018

2018 SMR 03

Serious cold this morning.  Ice and frost and full winter blues.

 Not a lot of riders, not a lot of cars.

This guy was about a 9 on the Smooth Joey standard of suplesse.
At Summit we met an older guy who told us he used to really enjoy riding up Diablo but gradually it got too tough for him - I asked him what changed, expecting some health and fitness improvements and he said "No, I got a motor!"  He had a cool electric bike and had no trouble making it up The Summit Wall. 

Hey Scott - how are them new wheels you wrote about?

Excellent, thanks for asking.  Very very nice, not magic.  I knew my old wheels were getting terrible in the braking department, but I'd forgotten how nice braking on new rims could be.  I wanted to descend forever and feel that instant, smooth response.

And it was fun being part of the Women's March - but it was so crowded I just kind of walked around the outside  And it seemed like it was going to be along time before they actually started marching, so I just went home... but I was a part of it!

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