Wednesday, February 20, 2019

2019 WNR 01

Wednesday and not working - TIME FOR A RIDE!

Forecast is for rain at some point today, so I was riding between the horns.

Not cold enough for a jacket so I wore my favorite Castelli winter jersey with a wicking T-shirt underneath; brought my medium weight gloves, and mounted my MP3 speaker.  Eddy was nice and clean and lubed up after my Saturday maintenance.  Everything I wrote in this paragraph will turn against me before Junction.

So I was riding great; fast and smooth and strong.  One guy passed me near Son of Chainbuster, but it was pretty quiet up there.  Then after Chainbuster it started to hail - tiny little stones about the size of half a grain of rice.  I picked up my pace but got pretty wet by the time I got to Junction.  That's when I pulled the dog poop bag out of my bike wallet and put my phone and wallet inside that water-proof plastic protector.

Headed down pretty quick but I got rained on most all the way home. I made sure to show my toothy grin the whole time so people in their cars would know I was enjoying it.  By the time I got home, my favorite jersey was soaked through to my wicking T-shirt, my shoes were full of water, my MP3 speaker was sputtering, and my gloves had lost all insulating value.  Also - my bike needs a good cleaning again now.  Being a tough old dude is not for sissies.

Diablo Shoutout to expat Adam - who judging from his shorts, was expecting warmer weather.

I got this.
Just baby hail.  M√©rite pas des points HardMan.

LOOK!  You can see the hail falling.

"Why yes, I am enjoying riding my bike in this cold wet weather, thank you."


Bob Loblaw said...

I will be taking the slow boat up on Saturday for the first time in months.

Diablo Scott said...

Welcome back. There are a lot of Bob Loblaws on Strava, but I'll check for one on my Flybys Saturday.