Wednesday, February 27, 2019

2019 WNR 02

The weather report said it would stop raining by 2pm.  I believed them.  It didn't.
My bike though is now 100% set for l'Eroica - I put on my toe clip pedals from my commute bike and set the downtube shifters to friction mode.  I'll need to use different shoes though - my Adidas Sambas are just too thin and my feet were hurting.

Really quiet on The Mountain.  When I got to Junction a ranger there asked me how the ride was and I said it was great and I like weather like this (light rain, not too cold).  She said they don't like to say "quiet day" because that jinxes things and then they have some catastrophe.

I just don't think these tires are going to make it until l'Eroica.

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