Friday, March 01, 2019

Friday Night Preemptive Juniper

Looks like no ride on Saturday - went this afternoon.

Those shiny  toe clips I got just weren't going to work, so I put on some big plastic ones and they fit my running shoes much better.  My feet were happy.  L'Eroica lesson learned #1.

The friction mode on my down-tube shifters also doesn't work - I can shift just fine, but the derailleur creeps toward a higher gear.  So I figured out a way of parking the selector ring about half-way to friction and it's kind of a compromise but it stays put.  L'Eroica lesson learned #2.

And on my way down, where I bunny hop the dots next to the NG Kiosk, I thought I heard something fall off my bike, so I stopped to investigate and didn't find anything.  I checked my pedals and they were both fine, then I realized that somehow my saddle had rotated nose down.  I was able to straighten it out by hand so it must've been a loose screw underneath that I'd figure out later when I got home.  I've never had one of those things come loose though, so I hope nothing's wrong.  L'Eroica lesson learned #3.  ^Edit... sure enough... loose bolt.

And it was a beautiful ride.  Quiet, peaceful, majestic.  Thank you, Diablo.

Lots of these painter types out today.  I hope they paint some pictures OF Diablo as well as pictures FROM Diablo. 

Running shoes, toe clips, friction mode, tubulars, steel bike.  I am l'READY.

This guy shouted out like he knew me.  Strava Flyby says I don't think so.

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