Saturday, March 09, 2019

2019 SMR 06

Yesterday afternoon, the weather forecast was for rain in the afternoon Saturday.
Last night it said rain at 8 o'clock.  This morning it said "rain in 45 minutes".
I psyched myself up for a wet ride, and I wasn't disappointed.
JB was a little late but I didn't know if he was coming at all, so I put the rock on the post and started up solo.  He didn't notice my rock until he decided to put his own rock up.  We both forgot to take the rock off on the way down.
Hardly anyone else up there today - I saw four other riders I think, and a couple cars.
While I was at Junction, JB rolled in and it was the first I knew he was coming - both of us decided quitting was a wise choice.
Another element of the l'Eroica-ready gear is that my running shoes get really soggy when wet.  I was comfortable except for my feet.
Otherwise I felt great - even considering I had a SPINAL TAP on Wednesday.  Just the normal aches and pains; minimal and unrelated.

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Unknown said...

I'm most familiar with Spinal Tap the band. Did you think of "sex farm" and "tonight I'm going to rock you" during your procedure?