Saturday, March 16, 2019

2019 SMR 07

Wow, first Summit since January... that was a lot of foul weather we just got through... I like rain, but enough is enough.

Somewhere up above The Bump, I buggered up a front shift... no biggie but I don't do that.  Then I was getting a funny rub noise. Then a little ways later I put it in the big ring for a while, and then it wouldn't shift back down. I had to get off and put the chain manually on the little ring.  Then when we got to Junction I took a closer look - maybe my derailleur is bent?  I whacked the outer plate of the cage a couple times with a big wrench from the "bike repair" locker.  That seemed to do it, although not very satisfying.

Very quiet today, started off pretty cold and got pretty warm.  We only saw a few riders on the way up, but lots when we were going back down. 

And yup, my 7 year old tires are unravelling at the bead and the rubber is all cracky... I have some options though; probably won't have to buy something new for my backup wheels, so that's good.

JB says he's down to his high school weight of 136 lbs... twerp.

This guy had shorts with the cool logo of a heart inside a star... never seen that before.

This crack gets my vote for most urgent repair needed.  You either have to take this turn real wide, or go into the left lane.

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