Wednesday, April 10, 2019

2019 WNR 05

Almost completely recovered from the Eroica on Sunday and I went for a fast one.  No one else I knew showed up so I went my own pace and did not bad.  Then when I got to Junction another couple guys came in who said they'd done 28 minutes... sheesh.

After Eroica I put my SPD pedals back on Eddy... he'll get put away after Paris-Roubaix... so one more Saturday ride.

This guy was doing fine, but I must have totally demoralized him because he didn't make it to Junction.

Mijneer Knaven has toe De Mounen ritornt.

OK, now in addition to those cones at Junction, they've painted a new stripe - the safety officer is going all in for us bike riders!

The sun's current position makes descending shots all washout out and stuff.

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