Wednesday, April 24, 2019

2019 WNR 07

Finished work early.  It was HOT.  Feeling cheated out of my Summit last Saturday because of the cold and fog... so today I did a DOUBLE Junction.  My plan was to do the first Junction at a good pace starting about 3:30 and be back to The Church in time for the group ride at 5:30.  Plan executed flawlessly.

It also gave me an interesting opportunity to post photos of the same spot at different times - see captions.

Junction 1, Photo 1. 
Junction 2, Photo 1.  No change.

Junction 1, Photo 2.

Junction 2, Photo 2.  Hmmm interesting cloud over there.

Junction 1, Photo 3.  

Junction 2, Photo 3.  Interesting cloud getting higher.

Shawn takes group selfies on every ride.

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