Saturday, April 27, 2019

2019 SMR 12

Woke up feeling GREAT.  My oatmeal was GREAT.  My coffee was GREAT (Starbucks Veranda Light Roast, French Press).  Seemed a little cold during the dog walk, so I put on arm warmers for the ride.

Oh yeah, today's the Devil Mountain Double ... hazzah to all you guys.  The Park hadn't opened the exit gate yet though and the riders were all coming down.  They had to go out the in gate or climb through the barrier.  They were about mile 35 at this point... we saw the last couple dozen, most were already on their way to Morgan Territory Road by 8am.  Saw the last SAG vehicle about 8:45.

So yeah it was a little cool, but the air quality was GREAT, and there wasn't much wind, and there are still lots of wild flowers and running water in the creeks.

That's right fans, tomorrow your humble blogger completes his 60th orbit around the Sun.

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