Saturday, August 03, 2019

2019 SMR 23

Wow, everybody was on The Mountain today.

DiabloShouts go out to: Parry, Linda K, Colonel Al, Joe Shami(!), Deadhead Mike, Bernie and Doug, Lance and Midland, Kasters, Tuck, and Dudley.

Started off just a little on the cool side but then got warm quickly.  We had heard of some early morning fires over on the Marsh Creek Road side of The Mountain, but everything was in good order on our trip up.

Photo Credit:  CalFire

JB finally got his Della Santa over to Ed Litton's shop in Richmond.  JB said that Ed had some good stories and JB left with confidence that Ed would do a good job.  JB stripped his own frame of parts except for the headset.  Ed had a color chart of Della Santa paint jobs and pointed out the exact one, so JB's going to keep it the same.  Lots of painted frames there to admire too.

That stuck chain link that caused me problems on Wednesday night seemed to be completely healed... no issues this morning.

Wildlife Encounter:  lots of deer again, and one really cute coyote.

At The Summit, Al was there with Joe Shami promoting the 77 Turnouts Project .  Al made a video of me requesting that all my fellow cyclists contact State Senator Glazer and ask for funding.  I'll be sure to post that if it ever goes up.

UPDATE!  It's on the MountDiabloCyclists Facebook page, copied in a new post because I'm the star.

Here's the link to the relevant politico:

Me and Famous Joe
He's at 550 consecutive weeks or so of Summit rides.

You don't want to hit one of these guys at descending speed - slow down and keep your eyes open. 
Sorry Steve - your photo was blurry.

Hey - An Eddy Merckx 7-Eleven!
Looks to be one of the reproduction versions.

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