Saturday, August 17, 2019

2019 SMR 25

I knew it'd be a solo ride today because JB is out of town.  I had visions of doing an epic, memorable ride.  But I was feeling just a bit out of sorts, got a late start, forgot my helmet and didn't realize it until I was a mile and a half out and had to turn around.  I figured it wasn't an epic calendar day after all.  But I knew sometimes those epic desires and feelings develop while you're riding and I gave it a chance.

My plan was to go up NGR, down SGR, and then Summit from the South Side.  I never felt great, but good enough to carry out the plan. By Juniper, my legs were getting pretty rubbery, and my split times were nothing to brag about, but I'm checking off the "epic" box.

Started the day off right by passing two old guys.

I just like this guy's jersey pattern.

Tucking your jersey inside shorts isn't QUITE as odd as under bib straps.

The opposite of tucking your jersey inside your bibs, is to not wear a jersey and roll your bib straps down. 
This guy was doing repeats up The Wall.

This guy puked up those cookies he had for breakfast... all over his pretty bike.

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