Saturday, February 01, 2020

2020 SMR 05

Fog as thick as it comes this morning, cold but not too bad.  I joked that now that January is over, we're finally getting January weather.  After a couple miles it turned bright and sunny... even a little too warm.

JB and I talked about high school football, Star Wars, and civil rights.

Saw Colonel Al at Junction - we talked about veteran's benefits, e-bikes, and ID cards.

Wildlife Encounter:  Monarch Butterfly.

No poppies yet, but there were a few other wildflowers.

#bikemaintenance : new chain on Eddy

This impatient wanker passed me on The Wall.  I pulled over to let him do it because I sensed he was an impatient wanker and I didn't know how big his vehicle was.  He drove one lap around the Upper Lot and went back down; no idea what he was thinking.

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