Wednesday, February 19, 2020

2020 WNR 05

Damn, I missed two Winter Wednesday Junctions in a row!  Once for work, and once for family. So I was READY for today and I felt good.  Charlie and Justin met me at The Church.  We talked about political debates, corona viruses, and bicycle chains.  JB is still out of town but should do the Saturday Morning Ride with me. Charlie is signed up to do the Tour de Cure diabetes charity ride in Santa Rosa on May 3, so he's in serious training.

Good February weather - just a little cool and breezy.  

FIRST POPPIES OF THE YEAR!  It was just a couple weeks ago that I was telling Charlie that I usually see the first poppies near Son of Chainbuster and TODAY - there they were.

On the descent, Charlie did a fishtail going too fast into a corner and pulled a good recovery move to stay upright that Justin said was pretty impressive.  I was too far behind to see it, because I don't enjoy the thrill of fast descents the way I used to.

Diablo Shoutout to Deadhead Mike who was killing it in preparation for the Davis Double.

This guy passed us like he was on record pace - he had all the bling-bling equipment and kit too.

But then he stopped at Diablo Ranch and we didn't see him again.

POPPIES!  The Mountain is a little extra pretty today.

Mike - future Davis Double doer.


Mike said...

Ha! Thanks for the shout out!
Just 86 days left before the Davis Double.
Just 55 days left before Sea Otter (competing in Downhill, Enduro and XC as usual this year)
And 143 days left before Iowa's ride followed immediately by RAGBRAI!

Diablo Scott said...

RAGBRAI ?!?!?!?!

I grew up in Iowa.

I did RAGBRAI 16 in 1988 with the Bicyclists of Iowa City (BIC). It was a fun event to check off my list... not exactly challenging though.

I took photos with one of those disposable cardboard cameras so they're pretty crappy, but I'm going to put a few in my next post - WATCH!

Mike said...

Yup! I've been talking about for ever with the wife, this last summer she said, "You should really go do that!" so I am. Not sure if you heard about all the fuss but the RAGBRAI staff of 20 years quit after the Register handled the Carson King issue poorly (a local college kid raised a ton of money for local charity when his venmo went viral and then the Register's reporter did a hit piece on his high school past) . Anyways, they all quit, and started a new ride called Iowa's Ride ( promising to do it all better. It kind of split the bicycling community. It was originally set to happen the same week but they moved it the week prior. So now I'm looking at doing both. IR is going east to west and then I plan on catching RAGBRAI west to east.

Oh and footnote: this will be (I think) my 5th Davis Double but the first since the early 1980's. I'm not so sure that really counts, but hey!